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Ethermon, what is it?

Ethermon was one of the first games that used NFTs to give users complete decentralized control of the gaming experience
March 29, 2023
Ethermon, what is it?

Ethermon was one of the first games that used NFTs to give users complete decentralized control of the gaming experience allowing users to use and exchange in-game assets and earn money through cryptocurrencies. The objective of the game is to collect Ether Mons or simply ‘Mons’ and participate in various growing missions and game modes. If you like the idea of an immersive play-to-earn gaming experience that centers around rare collectible creatures, continue reading to know more.

How did the Ethermon originate?

The interactive NFT game was first launched as ‘Etheromon’ in 2017 as the first PVP battle game in Etheromon; In 2019, it was later updated by the top players of the game and rebranded as Ethermon. In 2021, the gaming universe continued to expand and managed to acquire the 8th largest district in Decentraland made of 668 LAND. With the idea of building the largest and most immersive gaming district.  In 2021, to continue the game team launched the new token $EMON to fund its ambitious growth plans.

What are Mons exactly?

The Mons are creatures that are available in different species or elemental types. Each type of Mon has unique advantages and weaknesses according to its element. For example, a lightning Mon has an advantage over a water Mon, and a water Mon has an advantage over a fire Mon. Certain types of Mons are also able to transform or evolve once they have reached a certain threshold. So far only Mons minted in the Ethermon network are able to transform, however, this functionality is slowly being rolled over to the Polygon network.

Ethermon Classic and Ethermon Metaverse

The classic gameplay consists of PvP battles where your selected team on Mons competes against other players’ Mons. You need to strategically form your team of Mons according to their elemental types and levels to have better chances of winning a tournament and earning prizes. There are 6 competitive battle ladders that you can enter depending on your eligibility. 

The Metaverse version of the game allows you to interact with your Mons and enter skill-based battles against wild Mons. The immersive gaming experience takes place in the Ethermon district of Decentraland.

How to get started with Ethermon?

To start playing you need to set up your Metamask or Fortmatic crypto wallet so you can connect it to the  Ethermon platform. This will allow you to send and receive ERC-20 tokens such as $ETH and $EMON, and ERC-721 tokens or NFTs. You will also need to create a profile to receive 3 free starter Mons.

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