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How NFT art works?

March 29, 2023
How NFT art works?

In the past couple of years, NFTs have risen to popularity as the new innovative way to make unique digital assets and digital art seems to have found a new best friend to go along with. But, How does NFT art work? This is the question we want to answer here. Traditional artists are taking the opportunity to test new waters and make their art visible and more valuable. If you are an artist somehow involved with digital creations, animation, photography, etc. there might be something for you in NFTs, and even if you are not, keep on reading as we will explain how NFT art works.

What does it take to become a crypto artist?

Becoming a successful crypto artist is usually a two-step process. The first and most important step is to become an artist with a trajectory and an ongoing project that other people can bet on. Take for example the work of Javier Arrés with his visual toys or the work of Beeple who was posting his work on social media long before he became the most valuable artist of all time.

It is clear that success does not happen overnight. Rather it is the combination of skills and circumstances that has led artists through success with NFTs. Sometimes people believe that just by minting NFTs, they can become successful and make money, and this is simply not true.

The second step in how NFT art works, and honestly the least important, is knowing about NFT technology and how to mint NFTs. I say it is the least important because once you have a valuable artwork of your own, it is easy to take it to a marketplace and mint it into an NFT. 

If you are an artist who also loves sports, at StadioPlus, we take care of the technology. We will help you protect your unique digital creations with NFT blockchain technology. Also, keep in mind that all the work sold at StadioPlus is exclusive and we only accept the best talent to be part of our community. 

The future of NFT art

As we said previously,  NFT blockchain technology matches perfectly with digital art because it provides irrefutable proof of ownership and authorship of artistic creations. Some analysts say we may be experiencing a bubble, but why? It is true that all innovations go through a correction phase. In the beginning, the prices were inflated due to high expectations and all the hype around the innovation. In our opinion, the NFT art sector will continue to thrive as more artists continue to join in to share and sell their work. The value will continue to shift from traditional galleries that will progressively embrace digital art and NFT Technology.

The carbon footprint left by the operation of the blockchain network may be an issue as well. All the transactions to buy ethereum are partly responsible for all the greenhouse emissions to mine the coins. However, the creator of ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, said they are working on ethereum 2.0, a complete overhaul that will result in 99% less energy consumption thus making NFTs more eco-friendly.